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created: June 13, 1994
last modified: April 21, 1998

Jeff Spicoli wears Vans, dreams about surfing, and smokes a lot of weed. Spokesperson and role model to the early Mtv generation, Jeff Spicoli preaches his gospel from his high school, Ridgemont High.

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Spicoli meets Mr. Hand

Was that the bell? (1.5 Mb)
What class is this?
Spicoli enters Mr. Hand's class with bagel and Vans
Coerced to U.S. History class
where friends are waiting
Mr. Hand rips up Jeff's schedule card
and sends him to the front office
Lunch on Mr. Hand's time
Study session
Spicoli on colonial America
I don't know

Spicoli Takes a Field Trip

Spicoli, the ambitious student
Spicoli on the organ donor program: righteous bucks!
Spicoli on the human heart: gnarly!

At the All American Burger

Starving artists have no dinero
No Service without proper attire
All American Burger Scene (6.0 Mb)

Bedside Manner

Spicoli, the family man
Extracurricular activity
Surfing Dream Scene (9.0 Mb)


I can fix it

Dance Dance Dance

I know that song!
The Dance Scene (4.4 Mb)


Spicoli and Mr. Hand depart
Then what happened?

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